About the client...

LilaConnect is a Swedish digital infrastructure specialist with more than 15 years’ experience building and operating full fibre, open-access networks in Sweden and around the world. A truly global business, we run operations in Europe, South-East Asia, South Africa and beyond. In Sweden, over 70% of properties (residential and business) have access to full fibre broadband, but that proportion drops to about 15% in the UK. LilaConnect are now applying this successful full fibre, open access model to cities across the UK.

Window Frosting
LilaConnect Branding

We Provided... Design, Print, Signage, Promotional Items

We provide LILA with full print management which covers the Stoke-on-Trent area and further afield. This includes direct marketing material, latest offers and brochures. We also provide vehicle livery for the full fleet of vans and other advertising vehicles. Our services also cover road signs, banners, promotional items and much more.


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