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The Moorcroft story began in 1897, through the ground breaking work of ceramicist extraordinaire, William Moorcroft, who began to sell his work to retailers, including the prestigious Liberty of London, under his own signature. Unsurprisingly, William Moorcroft’s name and reputation grew following gold medals at International Fairs and even a Queen’s cypher, and over a hundred years of W Moorcroft Ltd

Still fiercely independent, Moorcroft continues to create art pottery, using her renowned heritage craft techniques and acclaimed line up of designers, at the highest level in the Applied Arts. The Pottery’s ethos has always been that Moorcroft will continue to hold its revered name if design does not stand still.

Moorcroft Pottery
Moorcroft Pottery

We Provided... Catalogue Design and print, leaflets, brochures, vouchers & more

We’ve been working with local pottery firm Moorcroft for many years, producing their annual brochure which includes a spot u.v varnish, gold foil and lamination.  We design and print their vouchers, leaflets, brochures, catalogues and much more.


We have been working with TR2 for a number of years and are delighted with the quality of printing, the professional service they provide and the personal client management of our account led by Tom Richardson. Nothing is too much for us to ask of them and they always endeavour to provide us with a great service, matching the colour and vibrancy of Moorcroft’s art pottery, in printed form for us to share with our collectors worldwide

Elise - Managing Director